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History of Saint Patrick's Church


Building a Parish / Raising a Family


In 1958 Deer Park was approved as a new venture in mission.  The first Holy Communion Service was celebrated at Youth Hall on West 17th Street.  Later that year, services were moved to the Deer Park fire house.  By 1960, this effort was suspended by the Bishop, as he did not see a future in Deer Park.


1962 brought new energy and new hopes to Deer Park. An April meeting was held in the Rectory of St. Bonifice Church, Lindenhurst, attended by clergy and Wardens from St. Bonifice and from Christ Church in Babylon to determine if Deer Park missionary work should once again resume.  That led to a July meeting in John and Edna Coby's home. Seventeen people met with the clergy and decided to move forward with the idea.


With no money, no rector and no support from the diocese, these men found space at the Deer Park Jewish Temple. On August 19th for two consecutive Sunday evenings, evening prayer was held with a turnout of about 40 people.

first church.jpg

It just seemed appropriate that an historical landmark, which was Deer Park's 1st General store and 1st Post Office, would now become Deer Park's 1st Episcopal Church.

On October 12th, the 1st Holy Communion was celebrated, 13 days after Bishop De Wolfe approved the new mission. On December 31st 1962, this mission was officially named The Church of St. Patrick's. Immediately, this mission swelled to over 100 people. Money and supplies were being donated from other churches. GOD WAS GOOD !!!!  Land was purchased on Carll's Path to build a church. Since the 1st service was held in a temple, it was only fitting to now turn to the Catholics. St Cyril's Church was planned to be ripped down to make room for their new complex, so St. Patrick's was able to purchase it for $2500.00, pews and all.

Moving Day


"Local church moves almost a mile and changed denominations!"

How did you move a church from Deer Park Avenue to Carll's Path in August of 1963?


Roll it on graphite coated timbers of course.


All of Deer Park turned out to watch this unusual event.  Telephone and lighting men climbed poles to cut and re-attach wires as the church rolled along Grand Blvd. She finally came to rest on East 7th street, spending the night in the street.

church moving 1.jpg


church moving 2.jpg

The next morning, on August 13th, she was rolled onto our new property.

On December 8th, 1963, our church held its first service, without heat, but filled with the holy spirit.

On February 19th, 1977, St. Patrick;s Church was accepted as a Parish by the Diocese of Long Island.

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